for me

Malcom McDowell said that when they shot this scene, Aubrey Morris spit on him dozens of times because Stanely Kubrick had to have it 100% perfect
I want you to really know something. You are beautiful. You are clever. You are passionate and intelligent and imaginative. You are so precious and so loved. There is no one like you, Thoma. You are unique and amazing. That is not always going to be easy - you feel things deeply, good and bad. But I know you Thomasina. I know you are a truly beautiful person with the sky in her eyes and the whole world in her heart. You care about your friends, you are passionate about justice and you are sweet and caring. You are one of a kind. You are more loved than you can know and you touch people’s lives in ways you’ll never know. Try and hold on to that in the dark moments. We never really know the difference we make - we can’t. But I can see it and I know. Don’t worry. It really will be more than okay xxxxx
-my mum, she knows thats up and how im feeling and she knows how to make me feel better and i miss her (via flawedfaun)